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>Is it now customary when acknowledging a loan of material from a museum to
>thank the curator, or the collection manager, or both?  It seems that
>curators, at least at the larger institutions, now have little to do with
>making loans.

As a former "curator" of a major herbarium, who hardly ever got to do any
of the day-to-day curatorial work, I know *exactly* what you are
saying.  Still, the curators do have the primary responsibility for the
care of the material.  So I get around the problem by in effect thanking
anybody associated with the institution.  For example, in my most recent
monograph/revision (Sida 19: 87-110, 2000), I thanked "the administrations
and staffs of the following herbaria for making specimens in their care
available, via loans or during visits:"  Feel free to plagiarize it if you
like it.

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