primary homonyms (IZCN)

Wolfgang Lorenz Faunaplan at AOL.COM
Tue Aug 13 03:34:17 CDT 2002

Dear Taxacomers

under previous ICZN Codes a junior primary homonym could not be used as a
valid name when the senior homonym was also a valid name, - as far as I know.
There was also an Opinion (974) where the Commission expressly refused to
condone the use of both of two primary homonyms.

Now there is the new article 23.9.5 in ICZN-4: "When an author discovers that
a species-group name in use is a junior primary homonym of another
species-group name also in use, but the names apply to taxa not considered
congeneric after 1899, the author must not automatically replace the junior
homonym; the case should be referred to the Commission for a ruling ..."

As far as I understand, this refers to cases discovered after 1.1.2000, ...
or am I wrong and the article can also be used to turn back the wheel in 'old
I'm asking because in ground beetles (Coleoptera Carabidae) there are several
junior primary homonyms still used by a majority of authors, although these
names have been replaced before 1.1.2000 according to strict rules of
previous Codes.

Many thanks for your help!

Wolfgang Lorenz
Tutzing/ Germany
(... not a code warrior but a fearless little Code user)

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