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     Try "dagaful" (without the "r").  In India, it apparently refers to
certain  members of the lichen genus Parmelia.
           --- Cheers, Ken

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>Subject: Dagarful
>Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:51:26 +0100
>Can anybody please help me on the identification of an Indian
>spice sold packeted in the UK as "Dagarful".
>It is a foliose lichen, black underneath with black simple or
>sparsely branched rhizinae (sometimes with fragments of bark still
>attached), and white-grey above, no fruit but with surface
>"erumpent" soralia (pustules), or sometimes swollen sorediate
>margins (maybe two species, but otherwise very similar). Evidently
>harvested in some quantity.
>The associated condimental moss appears to be a species of
>Acrocryphaea (or similar) which might indicate a source other than
>India (Madagascar?) although the packet clearly states "Product of
>India", and "Packed in Jamnagar, India"
>I have contacted the (very helpful) distributors, who don't know what
>it is. All literature and web searches failed.
>Thanks, Sean
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