-ops genera and family names

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 15 01:30:32 CDT 2002

Dear Code Warriors:
      The -opsis thread reminded me of something I have been meaning to ask
for quite a long time.  There has been an ongoing heated debate (which
flares up periodically) on the Dinosaur Mailing List about the correct
spelling of the family name based on genus Ceratops.
      Most workers are used to spelling it Ceratopsidae, but there are some
who insist that it has to be Ceratopidae (without the "s").   It's no skin
off my nose either way (I'm more interested in theropods anyway), but I
would like to hear the opinion of some code warriors, so I can go one way or
the other (once and for all), and end this lingering doubt in my mind.
       ------ Thanks,   Ken

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