gender of -opsis?

John Noyes jsn at NHM.AC.UK
Thu Aug 15 10:11:46 CDT 2002

Dear All,

>From Doug Yanega:

>On a related thought, how many people out there would strenuously
>object if the ICZN declared, on date X, that from date X all epithets
>were forever fixed in their present state, and all future epithets
>were fixed at time of publication? This would certainly make
>databasing a whole lot easier, if nothing else.

I would go a step further and "strenuously" propose that we should revert
to the original lithography of a name (even obvious misspellings with a
very few exceptions) - that would be a whole lot easier that what Doug
proposes. This would have the vote of most entomologists at the NHM, London.


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