matching genders arcane?

Susanne Schulmeister susanne71_2000 at YAHOO.DE
Fri Aug 16 12:56:00 CDT 2002

John Noyes <jsn at NHM.AC.UK> schrieb:

> I think much of the argument here is not so much about the rules of
> Nomenclature, but the requirement that the species epithet must agree
> in gender with the generic name. That IS arcane ...

Arcane? You would not say that if you were French or German.

Okay, there may not be a big difference in sound between

La maison grande
La maison grand

but there definitely is a big difference between

der blaue Ball
der blauer Ball.

Many people are incapable at speaking their native language correctly,
but even the most illiterate Germans would not say "der blauer Ball", I
can assure you.

Just one aspect why some people care more than others about adjectives
matching nouns in gender ... ;-)




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