-ops family names (plus bivalves)

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 16 10:25:07 CDT 2002

In case this sounds like an "up against entrenched authority" spin on the transactions over on the Mollusca list, as a participant in both lists, I see it somewhat differently.  Ken's initial post was met with serious, thoughtful responses, including mention of the fact that the idea of Bivalvia as a possibly basal group within (or next to) Mollusca has been floated before.  The posts pointed out difficulties with the notion (which would have to be overcome before it was adopted as a convincing model), and the fact that one of Ken's proffered lines of evidence (a thesis concerning the "worm" Xenoturbella) has proven problematic on further study.  I'm not sure that the participants have yet achieved any sort of reciprocal illumination -- that happens rarely in these settings -- but I was glad to see some substantial postings on a list that for weeks at a time often contains little of general interest (big surprise). :-)
 Ken Kinman wrote:P.S. By the way, discussions about bivalves and molluscan evolution are
taking place on the "molluscalist" newsgroup through UC-Berkeley. So I
guess I'll get back to that debate, since the "bivalves-first" hypothesis is
meeting with stiff resistance (no big surprise). :-)

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