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On Mon, 19 Aug 2002, David Jarrell wrote:
> Taxacomers,
>  A colleague of mine forwarded a picture to me of a fossil tooth (a big
> one).  If anyone has experience in identifying in this area, I could
> send the pic to you directly for identification.  I can't include the
> pic as an attachment (taxacom rules) and don't have a website set up yet
> where I might place it and send a link.
>  It was found in a North Carolina streambed (location not provided) by a
> friend of a colleague in my department.    The friend reported finding
> Megalodon and other shark teeth but this was different.
> A botanist,
> David Jarrell
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        *Carcharocles megalodon*  (Megatooth) teeth are frequently found
in streams along the East Coast of the USA, especially in the Carolinas.
Usually, fossil books figure the large Anterior teeth, and do not figure
the intermediates, laterals and posteriors.  If you want to see some
*Carcharocles megalodon* teeth you could go to the links at the bottom of
my homepage and see an article I published on *Carcharocles megalodon*.
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