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At 10:26 AM 8/20/02 +1000, Steve Shattuck wrote:
> >the only *absolutely* definitive answer comes when one has the original
>descriptions IN HAND
> >the original literature is a basic tool of the trade.
>No, the basic tool of the trade is specimens, they are the only things that
>let us discover "truth".  Publications are little more than one person's
>opinion of that "truth".  The true foundation of nomenclature is type
>specimens, nothing more.
>At the core of this problem is whether we focus on nomenclature or
>systematics.  If our focus is nomenclature then learning Latin grammar and
>tracking down every single reference ever published over the past 244
>years are important.  If we focus on systematics - the biological part of
>what we do - then the types are all we need and nomenclature is nothing
>more than a tool.

Yes.  That's what I said.  *A* basic tool.  Not *THE* Basic tool.  *A*
basic tool.  Of course, without type specimens (or ANY specimens for that
matter), all the literature is meaningless.

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