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> I believe, however, one thing
> we, as taxonomists, need to be doing is working out ways to
> collaborate WITH those who have conservation dollars at their
> disposal, because (as you go on to say):

For several years I through our organization, The International Lepidoptera
Survey (TILS), have used a back door approach.  By doing field and status
surveys for the US Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife it has provide the
opportunity to inject taxonomic elements into the final reports.  For
example, in last years survey of a rare southern Appalachian Mountains
serpentine barrens to document the butterfly species present there, the
report mentioned several taxonomic aspects of the species present.  The
most notable was the description of a new species of swallowtail butterfly
with the site as its type locality.   The species was described by others
but in a TILS publication.   A strictly conservationist group/ individual
doing this same survey would likely not have brought out the taxonomic
issues as a _primary_ element of the report.

The point being that taxonomists need to be looking for more involvement in
conservation programs.  Thereby allowing us to bring the amount of needed
taxonomic study to the direct attention of conservationists.


> Myself, I'm not so sure the conservationists *realize* this
>[which sections..are the most important/unique]  or are
> willing to act on it.

Some are.  The Yahoo!group, naturepotpourii is a conservationist list serve
(300 + members) with Bob Parcelles Jr. at the helm.  He is aware of, and
becoming more aware of, taxonomic issues.  Groups like this provide us an
"awareness" opportunity.   I recommend that all of us look to get with
conservation groups and make our presence and needs known as they relate to
being a necessary part of the conservation.   If the mountain will not come
to us than lets go to the mountain.


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