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Philippe Gaubert gaubert at CIMRS1.MNHN.FR
Wed Aug 21 17:53:02 CDT 2002

Dear Taxacomers,

Would anybody be able to have access to the publication of Etienne Geoffroy 
Saint-Hilaire (1796. Dissertation sur les animaux à bourse. Magasin 
Encyclopédique, 3 (12): 445-472) in which the genus Dasyurus (Mammalia; 
currently included in the order Dasyuromorpha) was described?
The point concerns the species Viverra maculata Kerr, 1792, and if it was 
considered as the type species, by subsequent monotypy, of Dasyurus 
maculatus (Kerr, 1972) IN the work of E. Geoffroy St-Hilaire (1796) or later.

Sorry for asking about that, but the ancient funds of the MNHN (Paris) 
Library are not available for the moment.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

All the best,

Philippe Gaubert.

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