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Ron Gatrelle wrote:
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> > I believe, however, one thing
> > we, as taxonomists, need to be doing is working out ways to
> > collaborate WITH those who have conservation dollars at their
> > disposal, because (as you go on to say):
> For several years I through our organization, The International
Lepidoptera Survey (TILS), have used a back door approach.  By doing
field and status surveys for the US Forest Service and Fish & Wildlife
it has provide the opportunity to inject taxonomic elements into the
final reports.

* but as some have found, it only takes a minute to write "Novisuccinea
ovalis," but it can take months to write "Novisuccinea claytoni, n. sp."
If you're scarcely paid enough to do the field work, and only meagrely
paid for the one-minute report on the specimens, the house can get
pretty chilly while you're taking the month to write the "n. sp."

Injecting taxonomy into inventories may work if you've got a really
hard-nosed business manager fronting for the taxonomist to sympathetic
funders, but it increasingly seems, in Ontario at least, that an
interest in any species not officially 'listed' as endangered is
regarded as the boolean 'or' between poverty and emigration.

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