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Rodman, James E. jrodman at NSF.GOV
Thu Aug 22 09:55:00 CDT 2002

Funding Opportunities Alert!
Two U.S. NSF funding opportunities, of potential interest to systematists /
taxonomists / phylogeneticists and their colleagues, have been announced
recently. I encourage your consideration of these programs, and especially
draw attention to the fact that they have November deadlines for certain
components. All are posted on the NSF website at
<> and linked to the Biology homepages or to "cross
cutting" activities.

FIBR, Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research, announcement NSF-02-154,
preliminary proposal due November 1 and planning grants due November 12: for
support of interdisciplinary teams bringing biologists and math/engineering
specialists together to address "major questions in the biological sciences"
(a deliberately broad field, so the first proposals will, in a sense, set
the agenda for the kinds of projects to be funded). This is the successor
activity to the Integrated Research Challenges in Environmental Biology
(IRCEB) program, which terminated this year.

ITR, Information Technology Research, announcement NSF-02-168, small project
proposals (up to $500,000!) due December 12, and medium project proposals
(up to $4 million!) due February 12, 2003. For support of multidisciplinary
research in the very general area of information technology and its
transforming roles within various domain-specific (biology, chemistry, etc.)
fields. While impossible to predict what ITR will fund this coming year,
several groups of systematists / phylogeneticists and their computer-savvy
colleagues have received funding through this competition over the last few

Please refer to the posted announcements, and if you have questions, contact
first the BIO contact person listed in the announcement, and if necessary, a
program officer in the core program closest to your particular research
question (personnel listed on the BIO homepages of the NSF website).

James Rodman
Program Director, Systematic Biology, Division of Environmental

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Program Director, Systematic Biology
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National Science Foundation
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