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Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Sun Aug 25 07:26:33 CDT 2002

> Connoisseurs of deja vu might like to read the following quote and check
> out the article from which it was taken:
> "...the land and fresh-water fauna is disappearing rapidly, and unless we
> now make an organized effort it will be too late to study it effectually,
> and future generations will wonder what manner of people we were not to
> leave behind us some adequate record of the marvellously interesting forms
> of animal life which we had succeeded in exterminating..."
> Spencer, B. 1921. The necessity for an immediate and co-ordinated
> investigation into the land and fresh-water fauna of Australia and
> Tasmania. The Victorian Naturalist 37(10): 120-122.

Wow!  I was unaware of that publication, but I will definitely track down a
copy.  Thanks!

> I like to quote Spencer when I promote salvage sampling in Tasmania, but
> people see that date, 1921, and think, "Gee, it can't be that urgent if
> we've still got all this nature around us, 80 years later." The fallacy
> here is subtle. In Tasmania and in Spencer's Melbourne-area Victoria we've
> had huge habitat losses and undoubtedly species extinctions in those 80
> years, but what's missing and extinct isn't part of the argument
> because no pre-loss inventories were done.

EXACTLY!!  "You can't know a species has gone extinct, if you never knew it
existed in the first place."

> If I were REALLY cynical I'd explain the
> paucity of inventory work since Rio 1992 as a deliberate strategy on the
> part of governments friendly to developers. If there's no record of the
> biota from that vanished habitat, then there's no evidence of loss...

I'm not quite that cynical....yet....but I still think it's a shame that
this perspective (the loss of biodiversity without knowing its existence)
isn't promoted more often, or understood more broadly both within and
outside of academia.


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