Post Doctoral Fellowship opportunity - Australian orchid and mycorrhiza phylogenetic relationships

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Mon Aug 26 10:47:22 CDT 2002

Mark Clements (mark.clements at +61-2-6246 5503 for further
information about this position.

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Recruitment: Michelle Watson (michelle.watson at +61-2-6246 5509,
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The Australian,;  17
August 2002


CSIRO Plant Industry, GPO Box 1600, CANBERRA   ACT   2601

Classification: Post Doctoral Fellow (CSIRO Officer Level 4)
Position Number:        PG: 02072
Program:        UA  Australian Flora Resources and Management
Supervisor:     Mark Clements (mark.clements at +61-2-6246 5503
Tenure: Term - 3 years
Location:       Black Mountain, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Main Purpose:
To contribute to a project aimed at determining evolutionary relationships
between mycorrhizal fungi from different species and genera of the
Pterostylidinae, and between these fungi and their orchid hosts.

Main Responsibilities:  Under general/limited direction:
1.      Develop molecular techniques and implement field studies to
determine evolutionary relationships between mycorrhizal fungi from
different species and genera of the Pterostylidinae.
2.      Compare resultant fungal phylogenetic patterns with existing
recently developed phylogenetic patterns for host taxa within the
3.      Assess the physical specificity of fungal-host associations through
appropriate cross inoculation trials.
4.      Translate results into management guidelines for study species and
identify general implications for reintroduction and cultivation of the
5.      Use this system as a possible model for direction in future studies
on orchid-fungus relationships.


Post Doctoral Fellow - CSOF 4, CSIRO Plant Industry, (PG:02072)

Pre-requisite:  PhD in systematics, pathology or genetics or a related
discipline with strong grounding in the use of molecular techniques.  Owing
to the terms of the fellowship, candidates must not have more than 3 years
relevant Post-Doctoral Experience. (Submission of PhD thesis carrying a
strong referee's statement recommending a pass would warrant initial
appointment at the level of Experimental Scientist.)

1.      Demonstrated ability and experience in the theory and practical
application of molecular systematics to plants/fungi.
2.      Understanding of the concepts and implications of co-evolutionary
patterns between groups of organisms.
3.      Demonstrated ability and experience in the use of modern
statistical packages for data analysis.
4.      Demonstrated ability and experience in microbiological techniques
and in the design and execution of laboratory and glasshouse experiments.
5.      Demonstrated field experience.

6.      Demonstrated ability to devise and run a research program to agreed
7.      Ability to work independently and as part of a team, and to liaise
with researchers from other organizations.
8.      Demonstrated ability to use initiative.
9.      Evidence of good communication skills.  Demonstrated ability and
commitment to publish the results of scientific research in various media
and to present work to audiences of varying levels of scientific expertise.

(NOTE: Pre-employment Medical Criteria exist for this position.)

Applications that do not address the Selection Criteria will not be considered.

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