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Mon Aug 26 12:04:26 CDT 2002

Well, then, make your publications available over the net, and help to
get rid of the copyright. We are building our own hurdle right now to
make download possible by publishing in commercial journals which guard
tightly their copyright. Otherwise you demand another Napster in
systematics. For example, the latest three monumental revisions on ants
including almost 10% of all the 11,000 or so described, valid ant taxa
are not to be made accessible online (Bolton, Dacetines of the world;
Andrade and Baroni Urbani, Cephalotine; and so far Wilson, Pheidole: see

for the status of who (sientists and publishers) are signing up for
getting their publications online, respectively who is not). It is also
not acceptable, that we can not link all the systeamatics information up
to allow to mine all the various descriptions. Finally, most of the
species we describe are from the tropics, and we can not accept that our
colleagues in the South can not access our research result because they
can not pay the horrendous access fees. 

Donat Agosti

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Doug's absolutely right about our fear of technology.  The point isn't
whether you can still play your 8-track tape but whether you can still
hear the music.  All that great old music can now be downloaded as MP3
files from Kazaa.  The same needs to happen with taxonomic data -
download it from the Web, don't photocopy it from the library.

Steve Shattuck

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