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Luis C. Muniz lmuniz at EASYLINE.COM.BR
Mon Aug 26 13:06:17 CDT 2002

Dear Dr Nava and all,

I would like to suggest you that any information regarding to taxa
information include the group that it belongs. Especially to me (a
Parasitologist) is very hard to know that Rhamnidium is a plant genus, and
then I have to read all of the body message until this information is
provided. It is better to put this primary information on the subject of
the message to make it easier.


At 10:01 26/08/02 -0500, you wrote:

Dear Taxacomers:

Can anybody tell me where the type material of following
species are deposited ?

Rhamnidium orbiculatum Britton & Wilson or Karwinskia
orbiculata Urb.
Rhamnidium potrerilloanum A. Borhidi & O.Muñiz) or K.
potrerilloana (A. Borhidi & O. Muñiz) Borhidi
Rhamnidium orbiculatum Britton & Wilson or Karwinskia
rocana (Britton & Wilson) Urb.
Karwinskia rocana Urb. or Rhamnidium
(Al are plants of the West Indies)

Thank you for their help

Dr. Rafael Fernández Nava
Investigador Herbario ENCB-IPN
Apartado Postal 17-564
11410 México, D.F.

Tel: 57-29-63-00 ext. 62331
Fax: 57-29-60-00 ext. 46205
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