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Friedrich LAURIA friedrich.lauria at NHM-WIEN.AC.AT
Mon Aug 26 19:23:02 CDT 2002

> Dr. Rafael Fernández Nava wrote:

> Can anybody tell me where the type material of following
> species are deposited ?
> Rhamnidium orbiculatum Britton & Wilson or Karwinskia orbiculata Urb.
> Rhamnidium potrerilloanum A. Borhidi & O.Muñiz) or K.
>                         potrerilloana (A. Borhidi & O. Muñiz) Borhidi
> Rhamnidium orbiculatum Britton & Wilson or Karwinskia rocana (Britton
                          & Wilson) Urb.
> Karwinskia rocana Urb. or Rhamnidium
> (Al are plants of the West Indies)

Following a google search: The holotype of Rhamnidium orbiculatum
Britton & P. Wilson is kept at NY. You can view the type online.

I have not been as successful with the borhidi-type. In case the
location of the type is not stated in the protologue, Dr. A. Borhidi
lives in Hungary. A google search will bring up his email-address.

I hope this helps.

Friedrich Lauria
c/o Dept. of Botany
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

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