Bivalves-first molluscs (my cladogram)

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Wed Aug 28 13:20:11 CDT 2002

I suppose I owe the List a brief explanation/justification for my quotation of David Lindberg in extenso.  Prior to pushing the "send" button, I telephoned Dr. Lindberg and obtained his consent to do so.  The dynamic here seems to me as follows:  Dr. Kinman is having the worst of it (although he might not agree publicly) in a discussion over on the Mollusca list.  Dr. Lindberg's post (which, contrary to Dr. Kinman's recent evaluation, I find sufficiently polite under the circumstances -- "you're being rude!" is merely a diversionary tactic) is only one among several that basically expose the questionable tactics of the other side.  In response, Dr. Kinman brought a selective quote (which makes it seem as though the debate is really still hanging in the balance) over here to the Taxacom list, perhaps hoping for a more sympathetic audience -- possibly among taxonomists who feel no personal stake in transactions involving that obscure phylum Mollusca.  By posting the complete Lindberg message, I hoped to inform interested Taxacomers more fully of the real state of affairs.  I regret any ethical concerns I may have raised.
Barry Roth
 Curtis Clark wrote:At 20:37 2002.08.27, Barry Roth wrote:
>In his post below, Ken Kinman selectively quotes from a post by David R.
>Lindberg to the Mollusca list. In the spirit of full disclosure, I here
>pass along Dr. Lindberg's message in its entirety, for which I trust David
>will forgive me:

I have to object to the reposting of any email in any forum without
explicit agreement by the author. It is bad manners, and in many countries
also a violation of copyright law. I am offended to think that Ken may be
taking things that we post here on Taxacom and reposting them elsewhere.
When we post to Taxacom, we are by default agreeing to the web archive, but not to reposting elsewhere. I can only believe that the Mollusca list
functions in the same manner.

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