Bivalves-first molluscs (my cladogram)

Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Wed Aug 28 11:48:35 CDT 2002

> To Whom It May Concern,
> With all due respect, and not wanting to overemphasize a tangential topic,
> I think whenever a post is made to a public forum on line or
> elsewhere, the
> author should expect that the posting is in the public domain unless
> specifically stated otherwise, either by contract or in writing.  In other
> words, for TAXACOM, if you hit the "reply to all" button, the presumption
> is that the message may end up anywhere and cross postings are
> sometimes to
> be expected.
> If this is in error, I will state that at least for any of my posts, you
> are free to send them anywhere unless I specifically say otherwise -
> otherwise I would not post them to an open discussion group!
> Steve

I enthusiastically "second" Steve's sentiments above.  Whenever I make *any*
post to *any* email list/forum that has either:

1) unrestricted subscription access; or
2) publicly accessible archives

...I assume that such posts could end up in the hands of literally anyone on
the planet, in the present or future, for all eternity.  Frankly, it is
naive to think otherwise.

As to the general topic of cross-posting from one list to another; sometimes
its very relevant, and other times it's downright annoying.  I won't comment
on  which category the current thread falls in (I actually don't have an
opinion either way). The point is, a public forum is just that -- a PUBLIC
forum.  Recognition of this reality might give pause to potential posters,
and that's a shame.  But it also happens to be the reality. And, in case *I*
am being naive in terms of copyright laws, etc., etc., then I shall echo
Steve's last paragraph above on my own behalf. Just be sure that if my
affiliation is included on any forward or cross-post, that the last line
(under my address details) is also included....  :-)


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