ICZN Discussion list up

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Thu Aug 29 13:53:59 CDT 2002

To all interested,

Despite rumors to the contrary, the ICZN is entering the digital age.
The recent postings on the list have been a good reminder that ICZN
needs to listen to our user community and interact with them in
efforts to promote zoological nomenclature and taxonomy and assist in
the process wherever possible.

As a first step in addressing this, we at ICZN have set up a
Zoological Nomenclature Discussion list where anyone interested may
discuss any aspects of the naming of animals, queries concerning the
ICZN Code, constructive solutions on improving the process of
zoological nomenclature, or any similar discussions. Temporarily,
this list is being hosted on the Bishop Museum server until a more
appropriate location can be found for it.

Anyone interested in joining can do so by sending an email to:

<join-iczn-list at lyris.bishopmuseum.org> and leaving the subject and body blank.

All those ICZN Commissioners with email addresses (27 of 28) plus the
ICZN Secretariat office are subscribed to this list. They have been
encouraged to participate in discussions on the list and we hope
that, through intelligent discourse on this list, any improvements
necessary to the process of naming animals can take place.

Taxacom still remains the premiere list for discussions concerning
any aspect of taxonomy, but for those who wish to take ICZN matters
off-list and into a forum where the ICZN members as well as other
fellow zoologists will reside, we have set up this new list.

We look forward to any and all contribution to this new list.

Neal Evenhuis
President, ICZN

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