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Richard Pyle deepreef at BISHOPMUSEUM.ORG
Thu Aug 29 14:10:10 CDT 2002


Any way to find out who else is subscribed?


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> Neal Evenhuis
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> Subject: ICZN Discussion list up
> To all interested,
> Despite rumors to the contrary, the ICZN is entering the digital age.
> The recent postings on the list have been a good reminder that ICZN
> needs to listen to our user community and interact with them in
> efforts to promote zoological nomenclature and taxonomy and assist in
> the process wherever possible.
> As a first step in addressing this, we at ICZN have set up a
> Zoological Nomenclature Discussion list where anyone interested may
> discuss any aspects of the naming of animals, queries concerning the
> ICZN Code, constructive solutions on improving the process of
> zoological nomenclature, or any similar discussions. Temporarily,
> this list is being hosted on the Bishop Museum server until a more
> appropriate location can be found for it.
> Anyone interested in joining can do so by sending an email to:
> <join-iczn-list at lyris.bishopmuseum.org> and leaving the subject
> and body blank.
> All those ICZN Commissioners with email addresses (27 of 28) plus the
> ICZN Secretariat office are subscribed to this list. They have been
> encouraged to participate in discussions on the list and we hope
> that, through intelligent discourse on this list, any improvements
> necessary to the process of naming animals can take place.
> Taxacom still remains the premiere list for discussions concerning
> any aspect of taxonomy, but for those who wish to take ICZN matters
> off-list and into a forum where the ICZN members as well as other
> fellow zoologists will reside, we have set up this new list.
> We look forward to any and all contribution to this new list.
> Neal Evenhuis
> President, ICZN

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