Holger Kreft hk at UNI-BONN.DE
Mon Dec 2 10:50:16 CST 2002

I know that you can do things like this with a GIS, but have no
experience with the application on wings etc.
Maybe there are also special programs available.

RJSrSTEX at AOL.COM wrote:

>I'm looking for an application that will permit me to accurately outline an
>irregular shape (a fly's wing, cell's borders, etc.), and, when the outline
>is closed, will compute and display the area enclosed in centimeters,
>millimeters, or microns. I envision using some sort of stylus to outline the
>area, but am open to suggestions.  I'd prefer an application suitable for
>Macintosh use, but will welcome info on PC applications as well. Replies may
>be made to the net or directly to my email address. Thanks, R. J. Ferry
>rjsrstex at

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