software for distribution-maps

Holger Kreft hk at UNI-BONN.DE
Mon Dec 2 10:52:42 CST 2002

That´s not a problem! If you buy ARcView there is a set of maps to
different topics included. But, as I said, it is far from cheap...

Guy Nesom wrote:

>What about a digital map that shows only USA state outlines and county
>outlines within each state?  Something onto which various symbols could be
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>>Dear Torbjörn,
>>Esri´s ArcView offers a lot very usefull features for creating
>>distribution maps and especially for analyzing them. All your data
>>points are kept in a database which is connected to this Geographical
>>Information System. With the appropriate underlying information you can
>>query climate data, elevation etc. automatically with this program.
>>Unfortunately, it is not a very cheap programm, but on the other hand it
>>offer almost endless possibilities.
>>Torbjörn Tyler wrote:
>>>Is there anyone out there who know about any compter program (for PC or
>Mac) that is particularily useful in constructing distribution-maps? I am
>used to doing this by scanning a suitable background-map and drawing dots on
>it by a conventional drawing program. When I have geographical coordinates
>(which is far from always the case) I have tried to use a calculation
>program to make a scatter-plot with dots that can be superimposed on my
>scanned map, but this only works on a map-projection with right angels (i.e.
>assuming a flat earth)...
>>>How do people make distribution-map these days?  I guess there are many
>different practices but I would be interested in knowing them all because I
>plan to draw some 1000 maps in the near future...
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