Glyceria declinata and G. fluitans from Europe

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Wed Dec 4 09:29:16 CST 2002

Laurel Anderton and I are beginning a morphological comparison of the
North America Glyceria occidentalis with three non-North American
species that have been introduced into North America: Glyceria fluitans,
G. declinata, and G. notata.  If anyone has duplicate specimens of
non-North American material of the three species that they would be
willing to donate to or exchange with the Intermountain Herbarium (UTC),
I would be most grateful. Our work is at too preliminary a phase to
request loans, but having more material of the three taxa would be most

If you can assist our study in this way, please contact me directly.
Thank you for considering this request.

Mary Barkworth

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