Fwd: NPS 'Data Mining'

Anita F. Cholewa chole001 at UMN.EDU
Thu Dec 5 03:52:06 CST 2002

I have had several conversations with various NPS people (though not S.S.)
explaining our situation (similar to most).  Only our Minnesota collections
have been databased, and some material from other states as we come across
them in the course of other activities.  The Alaskan NPS people were fine
just knowing that any specimen deposited with us (and over the years we had
several people working up there) is still with us.  They were fine not
knowing the details.  A fellow from the eastern region was told the same
thing and he actually came out here (spent a whole week) and searched
through some of our specimens himself.  He got a good idea of the enormity
of the project and went back and never said another word.  I know that the
National Alliance (formerly ASC) is working with the Park people on this but
we seem to be getting nowhere (obviously requests keep coming in from NPS).
Do we need to have a more concerted effort with the NPS perhaps?

Anita F. Cholewa
Curator of Temperate Plants
J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History
University of Minnesota

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