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Michael Vincent vincenma at MUOHIO.EDU
Fri Dec 6 14:28:30 CST 2002

Dear TAXACOM members:

Here is a clarification I received from the NPS about the request for
information on specimens.

M.A. Vincent

>Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 12:13:43 -0700
>From: Mark_Wotawa at nps.gov
>Subject: Re: Fwd: Re: Specimens collected within NPS boundaries
>To: Michael Vincent <vincenma at muohio.edu>
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>Dear Dr. Vincent,
>Thank you for pointing out the miscommunication by Stephanie.  I believe
>her request as stated can be easily misinterpreted, and I admit, regardless
>of the interpretation, does not reflect the scope of the project..  The
>following text is what I believe she was trying to communicate.
>Individuals at various park, I&M Network and Region levels within the NPS
>are currently collaborating on a case-by-case basis with museums and
>herbaria to help them annotate and/or database their collections if they
>may contain records pertinent to the biodiversity of NPS boundaries.  If
>you happen to be in a position to collaborate on annotating and/or
>databasing your collections, and may know of accessions in your collections
>that potentially overlap current park boundaries, then the NPS individuals
>above may be interested in assisting you in such an effort.
>I do not believe she was asking for a review of your collections, but was
>offering assistance if there was prior knowledge of the general geographic
>scope of your accessions.  However, her intent to direct you to parks that
>may be able to work with you is also out of the scope of the project and
>should not have been communicated.
>I understand that your concerns to Stephanie's request were distributed
>over the TAXACOM listserve.  Any efforts to clarify this on the same
>listserve would be appreciated.
>Again, I apologize and thank you for your time and assistance.  Feel free
>to contact me at any time if I can be of further assistance.
>Mark A. Wotawa
>Ecologist - Biological Inventory Coordinator
>National Park Service
>Natural Resource Information Division
>Inventory and Monitoring Program
>1201 Oak Ridge Drive, Suite 200
>Fort Collins, CO  80525-5589
>Office: 970-225-3567
>FAX: 970-225-3585
>Email: mark_wotawa at nps.gov

Dr. Michael A. Vincent, Curator
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Department of Botany
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