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We have a 1965 reprint of the English version (Berg, L.S. 1958.
Classification of fishes both recent and fossil) that includes the
pagination of the original Russian version.
Cepolidae appears on p. 136 (original Russian p. 476) as Family # 459 (of
Superfamily Cepoloidae). The only fossils mentioned are 'otoliths from the
Upper Eocene' (with no reference or further explanation) and there are no
associated figures.

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Subject: Fossil fish family information

Dear friends,
I've got an information related to discovery of the oldest fossil record of
Cepolidae (sea fish) family.
The information should be presented in the reference below, but I don't know
the exact number of the related page(s).  I don't have this book and I need
some help, please.

Berg L S  (1958) System der rezenten und fossilen Fischartigen und Fische.
VEB Verlag der Wissenschaften, Berlin. ??? p.

I'll be very grateful to get any additional kind of information if possible,

1. few very basic informations about fossil discovery (where, when, who)

2. the fossil drawing/ picture if was published there

3. and again, the correct pagination.

This will help me a lot in perparing of my MSc thesis.

Thank you very much in advance!

Best wishes!

Boze Kokan
Natural History Museum Split
p.p. 376

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