Silva Festschrift in Constancea

Richard Moe rlmoe at UCLINK4.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Dec 14 18:11:56 CST 2002

The University and Jepson Herbaria have posted on their
web site the first issue of an online, refereed journal--
Constancea (named after Lincoln Constance).
Constancea, available at ,
takes over from University of California Publications
in Botany, which published its final volume (#82) in 2001.
The first issue of Constancea, a celebration of the 80th birthday of Paul Silva,
contains the following papers:

"The Trentepohliales Revisited" by Juan M. López-Bautista, Debra A. Waters, and Russell L. Chapman 
"Characterization and Phylogenetic Position of the Red Alga Besa papillaeformis" by Suzanne Fredericq and Juan M. López-Bautista 
"The Schmitz Slide Collection at the Natural History Museum, London (BM)" by J.A. Bryant and L.M. Irvine 
"Evolutionary and Ecological Implications of Plastic Responses of Algae" by Eduardo A. Morales, Francis R. Trainor, and Carl D. Schlichting 
"On the Identity of Chorda rimosa Montagne (Phaeophyceae)" by Aldo Asensi, René Delépine, Florence Rousseau, and Bruno de Reviers 
"Recent Additions to the Subfamily Ceramioideae (Rhodophyta)"  by Athanasios Athanasiadis 
"Marine Benthic Algae of the Russian Coasts of the Bering Sea"  by O.N. Selivanova 
"A Checklist of the Benthic Marine Algae Known to Puerto Rico, Second Revision" by David L. Ballantine and Nilda E. Aponte 
"Phylogenetic Analysis of the Geographically Disjunct Genus Osmundea Stackhouse (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta)" by Lynne McIvor, Christine A. Maggs, Michael D. Guiry, and Max H. Hommersand 
"Tapeinodasya Weber-van Bosse (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta)" by O. De Clerck, Y.S.D.M. de Jong, and E. Coppejans 
"The Ultrastructure and Taxonomic Placement of Diacanthos belenophorus" by Eberhard Hegewald and Eberhard Schnepf 
"Mangrove-associated Algae from Samoa, South Pacific" by Posa A. Skelton and G. Robin South 
"Notes on Hawaiian Marine Benthic Chlorophyta" by I.A. Abbott and J.M. Huisman 
"Nulla Vestigia Retrorsum: The Case of Pleurosigma aequatoriale Cleve" by F.A.S. Sterrenburg 
"Marine Algal (Seaweed) Collections at the Natural History Museum, London (BM)" by Ian Tittley
"A Preliminary Catalogue of the Names of Fungi above the Rank of Order" by J.C. David
"Codium elisabethae O.C. Schmidt, Newly Recorded from the Canary Islands" by Max Chacana
"Ontogeny v. Phylogeny: The Strange Case of the Silicoflagellates" by Phil Parkinson
"Notes on Lectotypification of Usnea fulvoreagens, U. gigantea, U. sulcata, and U. cavernosa" by Isabelle I. Tavares
"Vegetative and Reproductive Phenology of Chondrophycus perforatus and Laurencia viridis (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) in Tenerife, Canary Islands" by M.C. Gil-Rodríguez and Ricardo Haroun
Bibliography of Paul C. Silva

Volumes that are planned include keys to mosses of California
and a catalog of California sedges. 

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