Two new positions at The Natural History Museum, London

David Williams dmw at NHM.AC.UK
Mon Dec 16 05:51:27 CST 2002

Two new positions at The Natural History Museum, London

Department of Botany
A major international centre for collections-focused systematics research,
the Natural History Museum is at the forefront of modern biodiversity

Research Phycologist
£25,000 - £31,315 per annum
We require an experienced Phycologist to undertake and develop a new
research programme, preferably focusing on the systematics, biogeography
and evolution of marine macro-algae.

This is a research position. The Department holds significant collections in
all groups of algae and you will be expected to orient your research to the
relevant collection. You should possess a PhD, or have equivalent
experience, in an area dealing with phycological systematics. Relevant
publications and evidence of a developing research programme are desirable.
For informal enquiries, please contact Dr David Williams, Head of
Cryptogamic Research on +44(0) 20 7942 5114 or e-mail:
D.M.Williams at

Molecular Plant Systematist
£20,122 - £24,000 per annum
We also require an experienced molecular plant biologist for a new position
in the Department. This combined technical and research position will
underpin both our new evolutionary-developmental genetics programme and
several molecular phylogenetics projects that span a taxonomic range from
diatoms to orchids.

You should possess a BSc in biology, molecular biology or genetics, ideally
with a postgraduate degree encompassing molecular systematics or
developmental genetics. Strong laboratory, data-analysis and writing skills,
relevant publications, and a willingness to instruct both other researchers
and the public in a collaborative environment are also desirable.

For informal enquiries, please contact Prof. Richard Bateman, Head of
Botany on +44(0) 20 7942 5282 or e-mail: R.Bateman at

For further information and details of how to apply, please send an A5 SAE
(1st class) to The Natural History Museum c/o Kingsway Advertising, The
Clove Building, 4 Maguire Street, Butlers Wharf, London SE1 2NQ or email
NHM at Please quote the appropriate reference.

Closing date for both posts: 10th January 2003.

To confirm receipt of your application call the Museum response line on 020
7410 8458 between 11am to 2pm Monday to Friday only. No telephone requests
for details will be accepted. The Natural History Museum is working
towards equal opportunities.

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