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Freek T. Bakker freek.bakker at WUR.NL
Tue Dec 17 07:33:07 CST 2002

PhD research position (AIO) "Reticulate evolution: detecting the phenomenon
of hybrid speciation and assessing its implications for plant systematics"

Vacancy number: DPW 02-38
Biosystematics Group & Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Wageningen University
Wageningen University
The Netherlands

Hybrid speciation is claimed to be one of the most important angiosperm
speciation modes. However, most extant hypotheses of hybrid speciation
events have not been rigorously tested, probably because of limiting
network reconstruction methodology rather than the absence of good
molecular markers. This project sets out to explore the possibilities of
different markers and methodological approaches for hybrid detection and
network reconstruction in Pelargonium and Solanum as model genera. ‘Real
data’ based patterns as well as those obtained from simulation studies will
be compared, evaluated and interpreted, leading to an improvement of the
underlying theoretical framework concerning network reconstruction and its
impact on botanical classification and nomenclature. More specifically it
will improve hypotheses concerning the molecular and morphological
evolution within the two genera under study.

Requirements: MSc degree in Biology with experience and an active interest
in plant systematics. It is expected that the candidate will, besides
setting up and carrying out the research project, assist in supervision of
students and take part in teaching within the Biosystematics group.

The appointment is for a period of 48 months. Gross salary Euro 1477,-- in
the first year, rising to Euro 2110,-- in the fourth year per month, based
upon a 40 hours/week appointment.

Information: Additional information about the project and a description of
the position is available from Prof.dr. M.S.M. Sosef, tel. +31 317 483306 /
483160, Marc.Sosef at

Applications: Your letter -including CV and mentioning the vacancy number-
should be received by January 7th 2003 at: Wageningen University,
Department of Plant Sciences, Mrs. J.M. Peters, Personnel & Organisation,
Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB Wageningen, the Netherlands, tel. +31 317
477257, J.M.Peters at

Freek T. Bakker PhD
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