New Version of the Bibliography of the Neuropterida

John D. Oswald j-oswald at TAMU.EDU
Wed Dec 18 13:03:11 CST 2002

---The following message is primarily applicable to entomologists---

     A new version (7.0) of the on-line Bibliography of the Neuropterida
has been posted at
This URL is a change from previous versions of the bibliography, so please
reset bookmarks as appropriate. The Bibliography now contains 9882
references (including 340 new and 1240 updated) pertaining to the insect
orders Neuroptera, Megaloptera and Raphidioptera. Geographic coverage is
worldwide. Discipline coverage attempts to be comprehensive but is
particularly strong in systematics and related subject areas. The new
version implements a new search and display interface and is fully
searchable by author, year, title and serial. As always, comments and
questions are welcome.

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