A filtering question, not taxonomy

Sabina F Swift sabina at HAWAII.EDU
Sun Dec 29 13:57:39 CST 2002

Mary and other
I have been receiving messages that originate in Korea, I think, for a
long while now. Christmas Day, I opened my mailbox and there were 9 messages
in Korean text and one in English. It was extremely irritating.

The university ITS people helped me put the filter on but the messages
still come everyday, nonstop. I was tempted to change my e-mail address
but a computer-wonk friend suggested that this won't stop this
person/business from finding my address again. I would like also to know
how to put a stop to this. HELP!


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On Sun, 29 Dec 2002, Mary Barkworth wrote:

> Does anyone know of a program that stops software using a non-roman
> alphabet?  I would really like to stop receiving emails in, I think,
> Korean. I cannot even figure out where the "remove me from this list"
> information is.  I apologize for bothering people with this but I have
> not been able to find a solution locally.
> Thank you.
> Mary Barkworth

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