A filtering question, not taxonomy

Dave Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Sun Dec 29 20:34:13 CST 2002

Our university installed free spam rating software on our UNIX mail server.

Rating and stopping spam at the server saves us a lot of headache. I
suggest you urge your e-mail system administrators to do this.
SpamAssassin is UNIX, but their site gives links to other products
including one for Eudora.  http://spamassassin.org/

SpamAssassin gives each message a rating and lets you decide how to
deal with the spam using filters.  On the unix server  I
automatically delete (and never get a chance to see) all messages
with more than 7 "S's" and then use a Eudora filter transfer all
rated with 3 "S's" or more to a spam box.  As more people use it the
effectiveness may decrease due to a co-evolutionary arms race.

A simple google search on spam
http://www.google.com/search?q=spam will give you other resources.

Apologies for adding to the non-taxonomic thread, but considering
30-50% of some ISP's mail is spam and mine has dropped considerably,
this additional message is hopefully worth it.
Happy New Year,

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