A filtering question, not taxonomy

nadia.talent at UTORONTO.CA nadia.talent at UTORONTO.CA
Mon Dec 30 09:04:01 CST 2002


I'm amazed at how rude some of the replies to this message to the list have been!

I use Eudora, but similar techniques are possible under Unix, and presumably
other systems as well. It is an option in Eudora to look at the entire email
header, and one of the lines is Content-Type:. Most messages have text/plain or
something similar as the parameter on that line, but non-roman messages and html
messages have various different things such as "Windows-1251". This should offer
a way to filter if your email system has some discriminator ability such as "any
header contains ...".

Nadia Talent

Quoting Mary Barkworth <Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU>:

> Does anyone know of a program that stops software using a non-roman
> alphabet?  I would really like to stop receiving emails in, I think,
> Korean. I cannot even figure out where the "remove me from this list"
> information is.  I apologize for bothering people with this but I have
> not been able to find a solution locally.
> Thank you.
> Mary Barkworth

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