A filtering question, not taxonomy

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at ISTAR.CA
Mon Dec 30 15:34:02 CST 2002

Ricardo García Sandoval wrote:
> I think that non english spam could be the 0.5% of the spam mail

* right now spam in non-roman character sets are 22 of 70 spam messages
in my trash box, which is 31%. The subject lines of all messages in
roman characters are in English.

> I really don´t know why you are so angry about non-english spam mail when almost all the spam came from English speaking countries. All the non-english speaking people could be more angry about the spam that you are, and I think that no body have write any thing about it on this forum.

* it's not non-english spam that's the question, it's spam in non-roman
character sets, which require a different filtering mentality before
deletion. If one doesn't have correspondents that write in the non-roman
character sets one knows that all the non-roman messages are spam, and
the problem is the tedium of receiving and deleting them, as opposed to
the challenge (in a language one reads) of deciphering the spamish
character of messages on the basis of the subject and sender lines
before opening them (this challenge is certainly more severe for those
for whom English is a second language).

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