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Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Tue Dec 31 08:25:52 CST 2002

I am hoping that this will contain the correct version of the code that
Curtis sent. It may not.  

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At 07:46 2002.12.29, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of a program that stops software using a non-roman
>alphabet?  I would really like to stop receiving emails in, I think,

I get maybe 20 Korean spams a day, and two or three from Taiwan each
In Eudora, I filter on ±¤°í in the subject (which is what the Korean
for "advertisement" looks like when rendered in Latin-1), on
in any header line (it is a common Korean character set), and co.kr in
"from" field (although Korean spammers, like those elsewhere, often
email addresses). That seems to get about 75% of the spam, but for some
reason, Eudora forces me to filter around half of it manually (it
the automatic scan). So I'd be glad to learn of a better solution, too.

Btw, Google now translates Korean to English. A quick check showed that
Korean spam is about equally divided between porn sites and household

>I cannot even figure out where the "remove me from this list"
>information is.

*Never* reply to a "remove me from this list" that comes from an unknown
source. The reply is a confirmation that the email address is active,
can be sold to other spammers for a higher amount. A small number of the
Korean spams have an automatic return receipt requested, but fortunately
Eudora lets me reply "never".

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