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Hi Taraxacom People,
                                         I run a website on wildlife as an educational resource for schools.  Though I have acquired a considerable reference library the most difficult information to be sure of is taxonomic, hence I have joined this list.

Right now I would like some help with the merostomata, having checked 6 or more resources (books) I find them divided as to whether there are 4 or 5 species.  I have only tracked down four species names, they are.

Limulus polyphemus   Eastern America
Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda  India
Trachypheus gigas S.E. Asia
Trachypheus tridentatus  S.E. Asia

A solution to this question would quite pleasant thankyou all.

For those with personnal invertebrate specialities I would be happy for your comments on what is already written.  Follow the appropriate link below and look for your particular group.

Bringing Animals to the World
Bringing Insects to the World

Finally I am always looking for world lists, to whatever level, that I can either use or put a link in to.  This applies to vertebrates also though these pages are all under various stages of construction.

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