Gurcharan Singh singhg at SATYAM.NET.IN
Mon Feb 11 07:51:39 CST 2002

From: Robin Leech <releech at TELUSPLANET.NET>

>Dr Singh,
>I agree with Susanne and I disagree with you.  There can be physiological
>differences that create real species - i.e., sexual species that are
>morphologically indistinguishable (with today's methods!) that do not breed
>with one another.  We call them cryptospecies, and a few other names.

1. My comments were specifically directed towards supposed Martian and
Earthlings. How would distinguish them in a crowd unless they have some
morphological differences to identify them. would you study physiology of
all persons in the crowd and then identify them as different species?

2. It is all roght if physiological differences are associated with distinct
seasonal distribution. How would you differentiate the individuals if they
occur simultaneously and there are not identifiable morphological features.

3. I call vicariants, cryptic species, sibling species as exceptions and not
typical examples of species.


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