Cladistics and "Eclecticism"

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Sun Feb 3 11:16:22 CST 2002

 Not so much a reply as a request for clarification:  did the term "Eclecticism" (should that be "Eclectism"?  we don't say "Cladisticism") exist before its usage in the threads of TAXACOM?  And does it logically stand on the same footing as "-isms" like Cladistics, namely, having a fundamental group of principles, even though possibly with different ideas as to how to implement those principles?  As near as I can tell, Eclecticism is more of a mind-set -- a willingness to, as Ken puts it, diversify one's portfolio, by picking and choosing from among available methods/algorithms (but without one governing principle to guide those choices).
Barry Roth

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