Cladistics and "Eclecticism"

Julian Humphries humphries at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Feb 4 16:55:22 CST 2002

Ken Kinman wrote:
> Tom (and J.H.),
>       First, I have to say that I am bewildered that J.H. seems to want to
> "delurk" just to imply that he thinks I fit the description of a usenet
> "troll".  At least I am attempting to provide constructive criticism in my
> posts.

Ken, you regularly throw out comments like:

> lineage as a whole has not gone extinct.  Banging people over the head with
> statements like "birds ARE dinosaurs"  just comes across as Ivory Tower
> cladistic pedantry.

I find little constructive about this, it fits to a "T" the definition
of trolling.  Even your constant use of "strict cladist" seems intended to
irritate rather than inform.  Strict cladists are just cladists.

And I didn't use my own words because trolling is a well known and properly
defined term (like cladistics).  No need to invent a new vocabulary or
definition (and there *is* a double meaning to that sentence).  Sorry if it
offends you but that's how I see many of your posts.

Julian Humphries

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