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>To: John Landolt <jlandolt at SHEPHERD.EDU>
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>Subject: Re: Authority lists
>Elias Landolt (1926-) is listed as "Landolt" in "Authors of Plant Names"
>(ISBN 0 947643 44 3).
>At 07:12 AM 2/5/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>Taxacom List Members:
>>        I am a co-author of a paper which will include formal
>>descriptions of several proposed new species.  If accepted, my name
>>will be included in the authority for each species binomial.  As I
>>understand it, if no other person with my last name has previously
>>described a new species, just my last name can be used now.  If any
>>other "Landolt" has previously been listed as any binomial's
>>authority, we must now include initials of my first and second name.
>>The new species in question are dictyostelid cellular slime molds and
>>traditionally, papers on slime mold taxonomy are submitted to
>>botanical or mycological journals.
>>        Is there an easy way for me to discover if the name, Landolt,
>>has previously been included in an authority reference?
>>        Thanks in advance for any advice.  I suppose any replies
>>should be directed to me rather than to the entire list.
>>John C. Landolt
>>Department of Biology
>>Shepherd College
>>Shepherdstown, WV 25443 U.S.A.
>>jlandolt at

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