alpha-taxonomy, publication and funding

Tue Feb 5 15:14:35 CST 2002


I have read this article, found it quite stimulating, and believe most
would find it worth reading.  Practical, but not unsolvable, problems would
no doubt arise were the proposal to be implemented.  Nevertheless, it
strikes me as an excellent idea and perspective from which to start
addressing very real problems.  If not adopted in its entirety, parts of it
could be.

Steve Manning

   At 12:59 PM 1/28/02 +0000, Donald Quicke wrote:
>I'd like to draw everyone's attention to a recent article by Charles
>Godfray on the importance not just of adopting the web for taxonomic
>publication but using the web as a ways of getting rid of the weight of
>19th century taxonomy.
>The article was published in the RES's Antenna (2002, vol. 26, pp 11-17)
>and it is available at
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