Happy Birthday Taxacom!

Beach, James H beach at KU.EDU
Thu Feb 7 17:19:33 CST 2002

Dear Taxacom Folks:

Saturday, February 9th is the 12th birthday of Taxacom as an Internet
discussion group. The original BITNET Listserv list came on line from
Michigan State University on 9 Feb 1990. It was later transferred to Harvard
University and now resides at the University of Kansas.

Richard Zander had the vision to create Taxacom on Jan. 12, 1987 as a
dial-up Bulletin Board System.  So including that incarnation, this mailing
list has carried your insights and intellectual banter for 15 years running!

I suggest we send Richard some thank you notes for his vision and generosity
in creating this channel of news and views.  If you feel inspired by this
tribute to a mailing list, please thank Richard at his e-mail address below
- and not to the list address, please!

Richard H. Zander
Emeritus Curator of Botany
Clinton Herbarium
FNA Editorial Center at Buffalo
The Buffalo Museum of Science
1020 Humboldt Pkwy
Buffalo, NY 14211 USA

email: rhzander at sciencebuff.org

I would also like to grab this opportunity to thank Peter Rauch from
Berkeley, CA for his years of volunteer management and subscriber assistance
with the Taxacom list. Great job!

Now let's get back to  "Re: Cladistics and "Eclecticism"" ...

James H. Beach
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
Where the real Buffaloes are!  And where the skies are not cloudy all day!

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