New Aves Classification

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Feb 7 17:09:46 CST 2002

Dear All,
      As a followup to my earlier posting this afternoon, I present below my
updated classification of Class AVES sensu lato.    Note that what was
previously called Aves is virtually identical to the cladistic Avialae (and
depending on your toplogy, it begins at node 6 or 7 in Order
Archaeopterygiformes below).
      Also note that I have added more plesia to Order Archaeopterygiformes
and to the euornithes clade.  And Bagaraatan has been added as well.  So
many new distinctive genera have come out in recent years, it is difficult
to keep up, but this classification should help you see their place in the
avian tree.   Order Caenagnathiformes has also been tightened up a bit.
(Once again note that Pl. is my abbreviation for Plesion):
1  Plesion Protarchaeopteryx
?  Pl. Caudipteryx
2  Caenagnathiformes Cracraft, 1971
        1  Pl. Microvenator
        2  Pl. Nomingia
        3  Caenagnathidae
        4  Oviraptoridae
?  Pl. Avimimidae
3  Mononykiformes Kinman, 1994
        1  Patagonykidae
        2  Parvicursoridae
        3  Mononykidae
?  Pl. Bagaraatan
4  Pl. Troodontidae
5  Archaeopterygiformes
        1  "utahraptorid" family
        2  Pl. Pyroraptor
        3  Pl. Bambiraptor
        B  Velociraptoridae
        C  Dromaeosauridae
        4  Pl. Sinornithosaurus
        ?  Pl. Unenlagia
        5  Pl. Microraptor
        6  Pl. Rahonavis
        7  Archaeopterygidae
        8  Yandangornithidae
        9  Pl. Sapeornis
       10  Confuciusornithidae
       11  Pl. Protopteryx
       12  Longipterygidae
       13  Pl. Jibeina
        ?  Pl. Hulsanpes
       14  Pl. Boluochia
        B  Iberomesornithidae
       15  Enantiornithidae
        B  Gobipterygidae
       16  {{Euornithes}} (Vorona, etc.)
_1_ Plesion Vorona
  2  Patagopterygiformes
  ?  Pl. Yanornis
  3  Chaoyangiiformes
  4  Pl. Apsaravis
  5  Hesperornithiformes
  6  Ambiortiformes
  7  Ichthyornithiformes
  8  Pl. Limenavis
  9  Lithornithiformes
10  Tinamiformes
_a_ Struthioniformes (ratites)
11  Galliformes
         .....other neognath orders

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