Cladistics and Eclecticism

SKÁLA Zdeněk skala at INCOMA.CZ
Mon Feb 11 09:20:11 CST 2002

Barry Roth:
>This sounds like a description of character compatibility analysis 
>(with its emphasis on maximal "cliques" ...
>...not of parsimony methods in general.

>What we really do in cladogram construction is summarizing the "amount of >character change" (i.e. the largest clusters of mutually compatible 
>synapomorphies) to construct/recognize "real" clades.

It was not my intent to restrict on the clique analysis. This description covers at least the usual congruency analysis as well - the difference is if you optimize "by rows" (= by species/nodes optimizing at each clade as a separate unit; then you have congruency analysis) or "by columns" (= by characters optimizing among characters through all cladogram; then you have clique analysis).
But, you are right that my description does not apply to all parsimony methods - e.g. the maximum likelihood estimation is indeed based on parsimony but is not covered by the above definition. My intention, however, was to discuss the "standard model" of cladistics.
Zdenek Skala

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