Hypothetical ancestors

Bryan Simon Bryan.Simon at ENV.QLD.GOV.AU
Mon Feb 11 18:06:07 CST 2002

I appreciate the replies I have seen so far on hypothetical ancestors, and
I suspected these were the sorts of answers I was going to get, so it is
nice to get confirmation.  However I have to prepare some sort of logical
reasoning to counteract the creationist views on "origins", which as you
know can come across very strongly.  To my way of thinking there is no
issue here, as I view the evolutionary paradigm as the very means of
how "creation" is directed by whatever one regards a higher power.
Creationists sometimes tend to be highly qualified scientists, but usually
in fields such as engineering, chemistry etc and come across
authoritatively in areas in which they have had no basic training. Their
use of holy books (Bible, Koran etc) as the source of their information,
makes it difficult to have any sort of logical discussion. However maybe
Taxacom is not the best discussion list for a topic such as this.

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