Ecology and Systematics

Tue Feb 12 15:35:46 CST 2002

Hello all,

Recently, in an article in "Academe", I saw reference to organizations with
nifty names indicating fresh input into fields with which they are not
conventionally associated, such as the "Group for the Use of Psychology in
History" and the "Society for the Scientific Study of Religion".  That
stimulated me to think of a possible name for something I think is missing
but needed closer to our area.  This is the "Society for the Use of Ecology
in Systematics" or even "Group for the Use of Ecology in Cladistics" or "in
Taxonomy".  Does this resonate with anyone?  Does such an organization
exist already?

I recall recently there was a post lamenting the absence of "place" in
systematics; I agreed mentally that this could be an important input.  I
have also felt for a long time that environmental factors, including
historical ones when inferences can be made about them, also should be
routinely considered in interpreting taxonomic data.

Steve Manning

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