Hypothetical ancestors

Barry Roth barry_roth at YAHOO.COM
Tue Feb 12 16:51:37 CST 2002

 Ron has, in this one post (a) put unwelcome words in my mouth; and (b) given an example of the very thing I was concerned about.  My present message, here, is most likely (c) another such example.
  Ron Gatrelle <gatrelle at TILS-TTR.ORG> wrote: ----- Original Message -----
From: "Barry Roth"
Subject: Re: Hypothetical ancestors

> Sorry, I don't agree with Steve on this one. If threads about
creationism got common on this List, it would dilute the "good stuff" I
come here for. Even with good intentions, those threads seem to range
afield pretty quick -- and then get silly. (I know all about the delete
key, I just don't wish to have to have to use it.)
> Barry Roth

I think most here would have no problem if there was an anti-creationism
post here every day - especially if everyone could get a good laugh out of
it. The objection is thus to pro-creationism posts. Now, arguments are
allowed here on all sorts of topics -- one more would not matter much.

Having said that, don't think I am interested in creationism haggling here
either although I have decided to throw in a couple posts relative to the

Ron Gatrelle

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