Hypothetical ancestors

Bryan Simon Bryan.Simon at ENV.QLD.GOV.AU
Thu Feb 14 18:12:11 CST 2002

Most of the material posted on this theme have been useful, in addition to
informal replies I have received from colleagues.  One of these was the
well-known statement that "Nothing in biology makes sense except in light
of evolution" (Dobzhansky).  For instance are there any professional
biologists that also claim to be creationists and if so how do they present
biology to their students?  I have also followed a lot of useful
information on the website "Talkorigins".

The exciting thing about being a scientist in the field of taxonomy or
evolutionary biology is that it is dynamic and we must always be open to
new interpretations of our classifications or phylogenies in the light of
new data. In this regard I particularly like the quote by David Hull in
Telopea 6:537 (1996) - "Science does not consist in the definitive
pronouncements of infallible authorities but numerous converations among
fallible human beings".

Most of the stuff promoted by creationsts is based on unchanging "accounts"
of this creation, although someone did point out that even creationism
itself is evolving. There are also several different creationist groups
with diffent views on methods of creation and even a Flat-Earth Society!

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